Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

St. Crispin’s Food Pantry

"Food at the Door" refers to an apostolate of the friars.  It was begun in 1987 after moving into St. Crispin Friary, which is located in a very poor neighborhood in the South Bronx.  After moving in it wasn't long before people were coming to the door for food.  Once the word was out the door-bell was ringing day and night.  This opportunity to serve Christ in the poor become affectionately known as "Food at the Door."   Over the course of years the Food Pantry has gone through many changes.  Today there is a list of over 120 families who come once a month to the door.  Every Monday morning the doors open at 10:00 AM and a procession of people and push-carts head towards St. Adalbert's church, where the friars and sisters are present to welcome them.  While the people are waiting in the church, one of the sisters leads the rosary and teaches about the life of our Lord and His Blessed Mother.  Each family receives a bag of canned goods along with a choice of fresh vegetables or bread. 


Where does the food come from?  It comes from you!  Just as the friars and sisters live entirely on Divine Providence, so too we count on God's generosity to provide for His poor.  Your generosity reveals the hand of God remaining faithful to His promise never to leave His children orphaned.  Please open your heart to Him who inspires all generosity and be generous supporters of this work of mercy.


The most useful items are cans of soup, vegetables, beans or fruit; also very useful is one pound bags of rice.  Thank you for your support, you will be remembered in our daily prayers at the Holy Sacrifice of Mass and our Holy Hour of Eucharistic adoration.