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Lent Revisited


“What are you giving up?” Any Catholic who grew up in the “pre-Vatican II” era would immediately know what this question is referring to—especially if you attended a parochial school taught by nuns. more »

What to do for Lent?

At the beginning of Lent Christian homes are full of conversations about what to do or "give up" during this annual penitential season. 

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February 13 | Letters of hope and consolation: #2

As we all get older in age there is something that happens universally to almost everybody; we become forgetful. more »

February 1 | Letters of Hope and Consolation: #1

The mercy of God is not an abstract theological principle. It is the fruit of our Lord’s passion and death. In other words, it is the logical progression of selfless love. more »

January 14 | Beggars Before God

We are all beggars before God. There is nothing we can truly call our own. Everything is a gift from God and everything comes from him. more »

Questioning in Luke 1

When I was growing up “y” was my favorite letter of the alphabet – my poor parents! more »

Skepticism: Enemy of Your Vocation

A blessed Advent and Merry Christmas to all of you. This is such a beautiful time of the year, filled with memories and moving images of an amazingly humble God. more »

A Litany for Salvation

Jesus save me from my pride that refuses help, even when I know I need it. more »

Fr. Mariusz Recovering Well

On November 17, Fr. Mariusz suffered a heart attack and is now recovering well. more »

A Collection of prayers: VII.

I cannot fathom my heart Lord. It is an ocean I am unable to conquer. I rebel underneath its waves. more »