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Monks of Moyross DVD from EWTN


The decrepit streets of one of the largest crime ridden estates in Ireland might seem to be an odd location to choose for a monastery, but for the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, it's the perfect place for their mission to flourish. This original documentary brought to you by EWTN Home Video, follows the positive impact the friars have had on the area's struggling residents, and how the courageous faith of the Monks of Moyross continues to turn this district into a prosperous community for Christ.

1 DVD disc / 30 minutes

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Four Friars to be Ordained to the Priesthood

Cardinal Dolan to Ordain 11 to Priesthood at Saint Patrick's Cathedral, NYC.

Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 9 AM – All are welcome!

Click here to read the full story from The Catholic New York

Click on each name to read about our four new CFR priests!


Father Paschal Coby, C.F.R.

Father Felix Desilets, C.F.R.

Father Luke Leighton, C.F.R.

Father Bonaventure Rummell, C.F.R.

We Have a Pope!

Smoke and Fire!


smoke and fire



With all of the recent attention on the chimney of the Sistine Chapel, it is a good time to remember that "Where there's smoke, there's fire!" The white smoke indicates that we have a Pope. That smoke is caused by the fire of the Holy Spirit! The Church is the fireplace that holds the fire.


pope francis



When Jesus established His Church, He included the office of leadership. The Pope is the Vicar or representative of the Lord. The Holy Spirit is at work in a special way through the office of the Papacy. All of this is God's design and hard to understand apart from faith. In Matthew 16 we see that the first Pope, Simon Peter, was guided by God the Father in proclaiming the truth about Jesus, "You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God!" The Holy Spirit has been guiding Peter ever since!


Let us pray for Pope Francis! Saint Francis pray for him!

Open letter on the shooting in Connecticut

… On behalf of our community, I would like to express our sincerest and heartfelt condolences to all the victims of the tragedy that took place last week.  So many beautiful, irreplaceable lives were wasted by such an utterly disturbing act.  We have offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and many prayers for all the deceased as well as all those who mourn.  We promise to continue our prayers and spiritual support …


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Harlem Friary Provides Introduction to Monastic Life

An article by Trevor Bach found at The Up Towner, posted on December 20, 2012.

The article features Saint Joseph Friary in Harlem and the new Postulants in our community.

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